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We are providing a diverse range of excellent imaging services


Affordable MRI Services with Quick, Accurate Results

wE offers complete MRI services with a fast turnaround, guaranteed image quality, and a positive patient experience.

Our staff includes experienced, board-certified technologists and on-site radiologists. These centralized teams allow us to produce top-quality MRI results as quickly as possible — often within 24 hours.

Our facilities are equipped with a comprehensive range of MRI technologies, from open MRI’s, to high-field 1.5 tesla magnet. Friendly professionals will work with you to produce the diagnostic images you need, when you need them.

MRI Services for Patients, Health-Care Providers, Attorneys, and More

We understand the power of diagnostic imaging in a variety of fields, and we bring decades of combined experience working with professionals and patients alike. Our typical MRI clients include:

  • Primary care doctors

  • Attorneys, particularly personal injury specialists

  • Patients, with or without insurance

  • Insurance providers, including PPO and Medicare

  • Departments of labor

  • Workers Compensation

ICT Scan

Affordable CT Scan Services with Quick, Accurate Results

Computerized Tomography, also known as a CT or CAT scan is a medical imaging device that combines the use of x-rays with computers to produce images that allow physicians to look inside a patient’s body. Unlike conventional radiographs, a CT scan can produce clear, extremely detailed pictures of the body’s internal structures. It can separate bone from muscle and fat in the part of the body being examined.

Much like a conventional radiograph, x-rays pass through the person’s body and a computer then reconstructs the information into cross-sectional images. These cross-sectional images allow the radiologist to evaluate the internal organs as though we looked at the body separated into a series of thin “slices”.

A CT or CAT scan is a noninvasive test that can help your medical provider diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions. As radiologist performs and interprets the examination and relays the information in a report which is then sent and discussed with your physician. Your physician will then, in turn, discuss the report with you.

A CT scan can be helpful to examine almost any part of your body, but some of the most common conditions evaluated include injuries (trauma), cardiovascular disease, cancers, infectious diseases, and sources of pain.


Affordable X-Ray Services with Quick, Accurate Results

X-rays are a form of radiation like light or radio waves. X-rays pass through most objects, including the body. Once it is carefully aimed at the part of the body being examined, an x-ray machine produces a small burst of radiation that passes through the body, recording an image on photographic film or a special detector.

To make an x-ray (radiograph), a part of the body is exposed to a small quantity of x-rays, and since bone, fat, muscle, tumors, and other masses all absorb x-rays at different levels; you see different shaded structures on the digital image that is produced.

When properly used by a radiologist and technologist specially trained to minimize exposure, x-rays are safe and no radiation remains afterward.


Walk-in Appointments for General X-ray

We offer the full complement of general X-ray studies for all age groups and health needs. X-ray is a long-standing imaging technology used in many different ways as part of a medical assessment. It is often considered the initial study for an easy and quick evaluation. X-ray technology requires a small amount of radiation to create the images of the area being evaluated.


What are the Risks of X-ray

The risks associated with medical X-rays are frequently exaggerated. If you are worried about any treatment or scans you may be having, speak to your GP, your specialist or one of our radiographers. If they know of your concerns they will always make time to explain the examination or treatment in more detail.


Affordable UltraSound Services with Quick, Accurate Results

Diagnostic ultrasound is very patient friendly — there are no injections, it does not use ionizing radiation (or x-rays), and the ultrasonic waves cause no damage to human tissues. This type of test is therefore considered a very safe imaging technique and is an important tool utilized for both diagnosis and treatment of disease.


What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound uses sound waves to form pictures of part of the body. A transducer (the ultrasound probe) moves over the skin producing and receiving the soundwaves. A special gel is applied to the skin to help transmit the sound waves.

Ultrasounds are particularly useful for detecting body tissue and blood flow.


How should I prepare?

If your ultrasound examination requires specific preparation, we’ll let you know when you make your appointment.

Please bring any previous ultrasound or X-ray images that are relevant to your examination. Your radiologist may use these for comparison.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that any paperwork can be completed.


How long does an ultrasound take?

Most ultrasound procedures take between 20 and 30 minutes, though some may take longer. Obstetric ultrasounds can sometimes take longer than expected if the babyss position makes it harder for the technician to gain a clear image. They will also take longer if there’s more than one baby to examine.


What can I expect during the ultrasound?

Your sonographer may ask you to change into a gown, depending on the part of your body being examined. Once you’re prepared, the sonographer will help position you on the examination table or chair.

A water-based gel will be spread on your skin where needed. If you aren’t in a gown, the sonographer will arrange paper towel to protect your clothes from the gel. The gel helps the soundwaves travel to and from the transducer, and ensures that it moves comfortably over your skin.

The sonographer will move the transducer around on your body, seeking the best images possible.


Affordable Mammogram Services with Quick, Accurate Results

A Mammogram is an X-ray picture of the inner structures of the breast taken to detect breast cancer. A Screening Mammogram is a Mammogram performed when you have no breast symptoms and is used to “screen” for an unsuspected abnormality.


During a Screening Mammogram, at least two views are obtained of each breast using very low X-ray exposure. Utilizing the latest technology, Fairfax Radiology offers the highest quality digital imaging process, providing you and your physician a convenient and complete breast imaging experience as well as peace of mind.


Breast Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging of breast tissue uses sound waves to produce pictures of the internal structures of the breast. Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive procedure and does not use ionising radiation.


Breast MRI

Breast MRI is recommended for women who are at a high risk for developing breast cancer, usually due to a strong family history or gene mutation. It can also assist diagnosis in women with dense breast tissue. Breast MRI is considered more sensitive in detecting breast cancer, and is best performed in combination with mammography and ultrasound.


What We Need to Know

Please advise if you are pregnant, suspect you may be pregnant, are breastfeeding or have breast implants, as well as if your doctor has referred you for a breast ultrasound.


How Long Does It Take ?

Most breast procedures are completed within 30 – 60 minutes.